About Eye-Scout

Eye-Scout is a Professional Sports Scouting & advanced software company that specializes in Professional Athletic Evaluations and Business Architecture. Eye-Scout has developed a proprietary process for athletic evaluations that enables professional sports organizations to reduce the character and skill risks associated with acquiring athletic talent.

What does Eye-Scout do?

Eye-Scout uses a unique Patent Pending Cloud Based Analysis System designed to give Decision makers in professional and collegiate sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, etc…) the same Technological Power as the United States Army!

Military commanders are faced with making critical decisions within the framework of both strategic and tactical operations, using the best data available, but all the while dealing with the “fog of war”. 

In professional and collegiate sports it’s much the same for Owners, Presidents, General Managers, Athletic Directors, and coaching staffs.  Taking on personnel decisions can be a daunting and uncertain task in the wake of financial and public pressures to WIN NOW!

Commanders and coaches must sift through mounds of information and immense data sets to quickly cut through “the fog” and come to a conclusion with the best possible solution. 

Eye-Scout gives the same power to our scouts and customers “on the field” that is utilized by military commanders “in the field” – The force multiplier of advanced technology!

The success of any athletic evaluation hinges on finding the most talented team members to execute your game plan.  There can be no exception to selecting the “best and brightest”, the “strongest and fastest”.  The POWER of Eye-Scout and our data does this for you.

Eye-Scout allows for the individual customization of our clients team’s personnel requirements; critical factors, position specifics, physical parameters, and academic standards so that the data is always personal and meaningful to each customer.  You know your team, you set the criteria, but we’ll sift through the data.  Our unique PATENT PENDING proprietary algorithmic process cuts through the fog and helps make  personnel decisions crystal clear.  

Based upon our customer’s pre-determined needs, Eye-Scout will analyze the data, sort via your stated requirements, filter using your weighted standards, and rank the available talent using our revolutionary process.  No more individual bias or confusing ambiguity.

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